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The SEO Spiders are expert in web promotion as they help e-business achieve incredible results using email marketing. If you search in google for email marketing companies then you will see they are plenty of email-marketing companies who provide you with the tool, but do not show you how to use it to achieve significant business results. The strong presence of an email marketing program lies in the fact that it is a means of building and maintaining a relationship with your customers. The SEO Spidy offers a comprehensive email marketing services, from campaign planning to creative execution, email deployment and tracking.

Once SEO Spiders gather business logic analysis and we suggest both your requirement and your domain area' needs, The SEO Spidy will implement an effective Email Marketing program that will provide for both parties. Our personalized Email Marketing services can take on all kinds of campaigns, no matter the complexity or the volume. The SEO Spidy focuses not only on providing you with a great tool, but also on showing you how to use the tool to achieve amazing marketing results.

The SEO Spidy starts works with four major components; email strategy, template design, hourly/weekly/monthly campaign management and a robust, white-labeled email marketing technology. Our experts are very professional in the use of email marketing and specialize in growing subscriber numbers and maximizing ROI.

Our Email marketing services can help you:

  1. Attract new customers
  2. Launch/ Promote new products and services
  3. Promote special offers almost instantly
  4. Build customer constancy
  5. Stay front-of-mind with existing customers

To guarantee that a business gets the best results from the e-mail marketing which they perform, The SEO Spidy suggests that the following arena need to be taken into consideration:

  1. Greater clarity on e-mail hierarchy
  2. Multi-message e-mail and sms campaigns
  3. Event triggered e-mails
  4. The use of RSS feeds as a complementary channel
  5. Integration with direct mail
  6. Measurement moving to a customer-based approach
  7. More focus on touch frequency or contact strategy
  8. Newsletters getting less sales-driven
  9. More distinction of e-mail types
  10. Increased use of e-mail accreditation / authentication services

While implementing email marketing The SEO Spidy concentrate on following activities:

  1. Product Study: The SEO Spidy covers every aspect which is necessary for promoting your brand.
  2. Market Research : for analyzing your domain and competitor analysis The SEO Spidy used to work different tools and techniques to collect data which, in turn, is used to help make future business decisions
  3. Target user search & mail Id collection
  4. Email Marketing Program Strategy & Roadmap
  5. HTML Template Development
  6. Campaign Launches and Program Management
  7. Performance Improvement Consulting and Audits
  8. Reporting of ROI

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